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In the following you will a number of links that I have used with great pleasure - try it!

Filkeforeningen af 1980

Arguably the world's best working organization. The members are doing a great job of spreading 'Filkeriet' in the whole country and worldwide.
I have the great pleasure of chairing the superior organization.
A band that 'kicks ass'.
I have had the great pleasure to see them live several times. A hard working band. Raw, insanely fast and energetic punk rock at its best.
A band that just gets better and better. At the moment they are based in Aarhus, Denmark. I hope many well have the chance to hear and see this band - they are definitely worth it.
An absolutely fantastic portrait photographer. His images tells more than a thousand words. He has photographed all the world's rock musicians.
Besides, he is a very nice person. I was lucky to travel with him to Taiwan and the Philippines.
The Culture Association Korona is working to break down any barriers between disabled and non-disabled people, by promoting the artistic and cultural cooperation across groups and cultural institutions, professional and not professional. I've been so lucky to be involved in many of the association's activities, in particular, the theater activities.
One of my best friends. We have spent many good hours together with a sumptuous and long dinner with fine wines. Many of the worlds difficult situations have been solved by such an occasion. Gert was the man who persuaded me to strip, and the legendary Slappendales was born. It was also with him that I went on my first charter holiday.
Ole Storm is a good friend of mine who, without whose help, this site had never seen the light. I attended a web design course, where he was teaching. And he is always willing to assist on a sound pedagogical manner. I have also spent many amusing hours in his company for a good concert, a movie, in the theater or just a good dinner.
Von Baden has provided the best theater I've seen. They have made me laugh, cry and think. I've had amazing experiences in the company of Von Baden, in the glow of magical theater projectors.
Anders has been a helper for me since 2001. Besides, he is a part of the theater group Von Baden.
We have during time talked about all sorts of things.He is a positive person and has a great sense of humor and great insight into many things.
The Danish Association for the Disabled is a user-managed organization, one of the largest organizations for the disabled in the country. The mission is to improve conditions for disabled people so that we can live on equal terms with other members of society.
It was in this association that I got my first experiences with associations. I also had the first experience with street theater in the show "Circus Fantaspastisk" in 1984.
The Danish is working to improve conditions for people with muscular dystrophy and their families.
I have for many years been active in this wide-ranging organization. I have been involved in many courses. I have been co-organizer of courses, speaker at numerous events and participated in the political life as member of the supervisory board, board member and vice chairman.
Furthermore, I have been in the group 'Muskulan' working with development projects in the Third Worls from 1983-2003.
The Danish Amateur Theatre Association is an organization of all those involved in theater and drama on an amateur basis.
I have had the great pleasure to participate in several theater festivals organized by DATS, which has provided tremendous inspiration and energy. I have also attended the summer courses at Herning Folk High School, which has been of very high quality.
Entré Scenen is a small theater often with experimental performances in a variety of fields as theater, dance, performance, music performances, stand up, shows, artperformance and more.
I even had the opportunity to act on stage with the Cultural Association Korona with the play' George - The Last To Go' by Harold Pinter.
Svalegangen is often worth a visit if you want great theater experiences.
I have had many good experiences, which also gave me something to think about.
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