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I often believe, that pictures tells more than words, therefore I have made a small photo gallery. Maybe it will show a little impression about who I am.

Three boys ready for bed
3 years old with a puppy
On the tricycle
tting in a stubble field
The big bathing day
Me and my guinea pigs
The three brothers in a harmonious moment
Cleaning in my brothers room
A cozy Saturday evening
At the lake in Marlev
Playing Indians
I walk around the Christmas tree
School photo as 11 years old
The moon car Jumbo
School photo as 13 years old
School photo as 15 years old
In the greenhouse, sitting in my USA chair
At the Austrian Alps
Experiment with inhaling vodka
At a wet Jean Michel-Jarre concert
Portrait 2004
At a trip with Filkerne in Sweden
I am together with "The King" in Gran Canary
Filkers in Truust
Concentrated work
New Years Evening
At my brother, his girlfriend and their daughter
Visit my brother Kim at his greenhouses
Visiting my dad
In the countryside
Going to a party as Heidi
Great Belt
King Dan in Stockholm
Stickes from the USA and Canada journey in 1983
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