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dr. brock

Dr. Brock is also professor in the most important subjects of the world.

Dr. Brock points his forefinger, to emphasize the importance of the Danish research
Dr. Brock emphasizes the importance
of the Danish research.

He delivers a solo show, adapted to the event. In its own subtle way, he is a breath of fresh air to the conference, reception, anniversary, birthday or a start of a debate.

He understands how to combine lunacy and humor with the seriousness that makes his talk interesting and thoughtful to the audience.

Dr. Brock have found another genius idea.
Dr. Brock has got a brilliant idea.

He has among others held speeches about rehabilitation, or with his own words about 're-ticketing' in several hospital departments.

And he has been invited to the opening reception of MarselisborgCentret in Aarhus.

He has also appeared in Århus Festuge 2007 and 2006 (Aarhus Festival) and talked about such diverse topics as movement and women.

He has on other occasions put on the clothes of a politician to talk about the marginalized groups in Denmark.

He is a versatile man who, despite his outer absent-minded nature contains many useful talents.

Dr. Brock can be contacted at the address below if you want more information about him.
You can also download informations on this site.

Dr. Brock thinks about his next thesis
Dr Brock thinks dramatically over the next thesis.

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