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george - the last to go

In November 1998 Kulturforeningen Korona (the Cultural Association Korona) had premiere with the play’George - The Last To Go’ by Harold Pinter. An absurd comedy thriller.

I played one of the two characters.

Thhe newspaper salesman has drawn the knife, light is turned down for the right thriller atmosphere
From rehearsals at Entre Scenen, Aarhus in November 1998.

In the program it said:
'A woman and a man is sitting in a dark street in the heart of a large city. They are businessmen. One is selling newspapers, the other is selling coffee. One has sold out, the other may have a drop left in the pot. What is left, when the working day is over? They only have each others company. And George. None of them have seen him for a long period.'

It was a performance where action was a tension in the air or in the minds of the audience. Where words are important, but not for their meaning. The theatre of the absurd is about the difficulties of talking to each other: Do we talk at cross purposes, because we are afraid of being understood? Then, what is it, we are afraid of? And why did they, despite that, have an indomitable will to speak with each other? The comical situation arose from the difficulties between that and the will of trying anyway.

The spotlights has caught the coffee lady, which is frightened
Another scene from the rehearsals.

The atmosphere was emphasized by the minimalist scenography, lighting and dramatic sound. The two electric wheelchairs technical advantages were an integral part of the piece.

The play had premier in November 1998 at Entre Scenen. Here played 11 times during November / December.

In 1999, the play was included in the Danish Amateur Theater Festival in Grenaa arranged by DATS.

In year 2000 it was again included at ’The Meeting Place’ in Slagelse organized by DATS.

Later in 2000 ‘George - The Last To Go’ was performed in English at’The 2nd International Amateur Theater Festival of Girona - EL Pati’ in Spain.

The same year at 'The VII Annual International Contemporary Dance Conference and Performance Festival' in Bytom and Krakow - Poland. The festival was organized by Slaski Teatr Tanca.

In 2003 it was played at ‘Kulturama’ in Ridehuset, Aarhus organized by Kulturhus Aarhus Cultural House).

A struggle for power starts
A struggle for power starts.


Jesper Hasseltoft

Sound designer:
Ernst Steen Hansen

Newspaper salesman:
Dan R. Brock

Coffee Lady:
Inger Stoltze Poulsen




Said and written about 'George - The Last to go':

Rampelyset (Limelight):
'Kulturforeningen Korona (The Cultural Association Korona) from Aarhus has in a fantastic way and very obviously used the two actors special characteristics and talents in a strong staging ...'.  
'We come deep into the minds of the Pinter characters, when they expose their fear of a violent, murky, urban environment, humorous told through a music- and sound collage with raised guns, flashing blue lights, electric race through petrol fumes and sewage mists.
Strong communicating underlying text in the emotional ticks which is seen in characters faces and a solid flair for timing and tension-filled pauses. The show is short and direct. Many of the images will remain’.

Avissælgeren i nærbillede

Jyllandsposten in an interview with director Jesper Toft Hasseltoft):
'He repeatedly uses the word ‘advantage’ when he talks about his actors. ’They have the advantage of sitting in a wheelchair’, he says at a time. It must be understood in the sense that the wheelchair is Dan R. Brocks and Inger Stoltze Poulsens extra expression as actors - a quality that can be used’.

The performance was supported by Kulturfonden (The Cultural Foundation), Aarhus Kommunes Kulturpulje (Aarhus Municipality Cultural Pool) and Vanførefonden.

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