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Dr. Brock

Daily life and helpers

A speech about teamwork, which is essential when daily life and helpers has to work together.

I will based on own experiences tell about the Danish personal assistant scheme.

Emphasis is on the exciting working relationship with several people, whose help I am completely dependent on.

I will, among other things, speak about the following:

  • How do I create a good workplace?
  • The importance of clear agreements.
  • How do I find the right helpers?
  • What roles do I and the helpers have?
  • What does confidentiality means for me?
  • How do I handle conflicts?
  • Can I have friends employed as helpers?

The entire presentation will be accompanied with little funny and serious stories from more than twenty years experiences of having assistants employed.

The speech can of course be adapted to individual wishes.
If you want more information, have questions regarding the booking or just want to know what is possible, please contact me at the address below and let us talk about it.

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