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Taiwan and china

Is a 90-minute slide show - where we look at similarities and differences between the Peoples Republic of China and Taiwan.

A picture of the chinese and the taiwanese flag

From fifteen months of study and travel in China and three-month stay in Taiwan I have collected photos from both countries.

The focus of this slide is the culture and everyday life in Taiwan. But we will also look at the history, the written language and other things that still link Taiwan closely with China.

We will be taken to a colorful religious celebration with lots of fireworks and ferocious self-torture.

We visit a small fishing community and look at the highly diverse nature of this island. And there will be impressions from the capital, Taipei.

If you want more information, have questions regarding the booking or just want to know what is possible, please contact me at the address below and let us talk about it.

Photo gallery

Taipei trafic
Tapei - family on a moped
Taipei alley
Taipei alley with dogs
Taipei umbrella production
Taipei dance class
Girl pointing at Dan
Taipei temple
Taipei tempeltag
Taipel burning at the shrine
Temple altar
Praying in the temple
Fireworks at festiva
Palanquin at festival
Palanquin at festival
Swordsman at festival
Man with mace at festival
Bloody men at festival
Men wearing masks at festival
Men wearing masks at festival
street vendor
Chicken stall
Butcher at market
Fish market
Fishing boat
Taroko gorge
Bridal couple at Taroko gorge
Sunrise at Yushan
Sunrise at Yushan
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